At the Council meeting held Monday December 7, the decision to proceed with going to tender (next week) for the construction of additional parking infrastructure including the road re-alignment, new walkway was approved.

What was also discussed:

a)      the budget for the project , and

b)      changes to parking arrangements …

Below is a letter from SIRA and WPCA to Council and sent to Councillors – please note the amended motion for the meeting on 7 December at the end.

Re: New Church Point Carpark/Changes to Parking Conditions in Local Streets – the Devil is in the Detail

The Offshore Communities …

I have lived on Scotland Island for three years and have been an active member of the Roads and Drains Sub-committee, and the Parks and Reserves Sub-committee. I am interested in consultation and cooperation achieving improvements in amenity, better services and broader choices for all.

Nominated for: Committee Member

As President of SIRA, I have been involved with issues which are now at a crucial stage of development. I have a background on these issues and believe that I can contribute to the achievement of positive outcomes for our community.

Nominated for: President, Committee Member

As a resident since 1977 I have a wealth of knowledge on Island matters. The Island needs improvements to infrastructure, care of our environment and community consultation to make important decisions. I want to work with a positive team to advocate for the community and provide important services for residents.

I have lived at the top of Scotland Island for 10 years and have served as Secretary and general committee member for two of those years. I am a member of the Fire Brigade. I am an academic lawyer with concerns about SIRA’s exposure to liability, which I would like …

I have lived on the island for 15 years, have been involved in community matters for a number of those years, including writing feedback submissions to council with respect to things such as the car park and island roads. I have been a SIRA committee member this year, assisting with …

I’ve been one of the Vice President’s for the last year. I’ve lived on the island for 7 years and am keen to see SIRA working effectively for the community and delivering real world outcomes.

Nominated for: Vice President, Committee Member

I have lived on Scotland Island for over 20 years both at the top of the island and on the water.

I love the island life, our natural environment and the diverse community that makes this place special.

I want our island life to be sustainable into the future and …



Pittwater Council has just released the ​long awaited Report on future parking infrastructure at Church Point. This report has been produced in preparation for the matter to come before Council on Monday, December 7 . 

We need more time