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By Bill Gye on behalf of the SIRA Church Point Subcommittee

As you will recall on Monday, December 16 Pittwater Council resolved to move forward with Option 2 (120 space deck option) in Precinct 1 at Church Point. Some other components of the approved motion were:

  • That Council apply to the State Government for LIRS funding for this project. Should the LIRS funding be unsuccessful then a further report be provided to Council on the funding and user pays implications. 
  • That a further report be presented on transport options, resident parking scheme, availability of parking stickers and other mechanisms to reduce parking demand at Church Point for consideration by Council.
  • That a detailed Review of Environmental Factors and Part V Assessment be undertaken for Option 2 and reported to Council prior to physical commencement of the project.
  • That Council give consideration to calling the walkway the “Ian Souter Walkway”.

What has followed:

  1. Council applied for Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme (LIRS) funding support for this project. COUNCIL RECEIVED ADVICE LAST WEEK THAT THE APPLICATION HAS JUST BEEN SUCCESSFUL!  This is a great result as it will assist in reducing the overall loan repayments for this project!!!
  2. A report is in its the final stages of preparation on transport options, resident parking scheme and other mechanisms to reduce parking demand at Church Point for consideration by Council. Since July, representatives of the SIRA, West Pittwater Community Association, Bayview Church Point Community Association and Church Point Friends have developed a joint position on the parking demand and traffic management issue which has been communicated to Council (Letters: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=126 linktext=’28 July’ /] /[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=125 linktext=’ 24 September’ /] / [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=124 linktext=’15 October’ /]). In addition, Council has recently contracted GTA Transport Consultants to provide a report to Council on issues of Demand Management at Church Point.

Two significant issues:


A. Setting of future fee payments:

This will be determined by:

  • The cost at completion of construction
  • The final decision about how many spaces be privately leased (Note: The CPPOM proposed 60 leased spaces)
  • Council’s financial risk management strategy
  • Whether this infrastructure is valued by Council as a future income generating asset once the loan is paid off
  • The outcome of proposals suggested by some people in Council to increase CP fees to decrease demand and/or as a source of raising revenue

The community will need to be very vigilant and closely engaged with the process. In anticipation of these upcoming community discussions a paper on Church Point Fees has been developed.

B. Parking Demand Management:

This will be determined by:

  • The recommendations made in the GTA Consultant’s Report
  • The weight of the joint Associations and CPF submissions (see above)
  • The recommendations made by Council’s Traffic Committee and the final decision made by Council
  • The key decision as to whether or not the new car park will be available to the public (24/7, or only during specified hours) or reserved for CP Permits (24/7, or only during specified hours)

Community involvement in these two significant issues may be required. PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE….

CPPOM Approved (December 2009)COMPLETE
Commuter Wharf (July 2012)COMPLETE
Council Decision to proceed with carpark (December 2013)COMPLETE
State Government LIRS Loan Subsidy approved (October 2014)COMPLETE
Review of Environmental Factors Report (November 2014?)
Final “Go ahead” by Council (TBC 2015?)
Project Successfully Tendered and Completed (TBC 2015-16?)

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