Scotland Island & Offshore Children’s Services (the ‘Kindy’)

SIOCS (Scotland Island & Off-shore Children’s Services) was established in 2006 when the off-shore community was unexpectedly left without a managed childcare facility. A determined group of parents formed a committee and created a fully accredited long day-care centre where our children can grow, learn and be nurtured.

The Scotland Island Kindy is a community-run long day-care centre servicing Scotland Island and the West Pittwater off-shore communities.

beachball alphabet on blackboard child blowing bubbles

The Kindy is run by local, trained staff and supported by a committee of parents. An open dialogue between parents, staff and the broader community has created a unique community service. We are located in Catherine Park, near the Community Hall, on Scotland Island, not far from Tennis Wharf.

The Kindy caters for children ages 2–6, and in this mixed-age group, comprising siblings, neighbours and friends, there a beautiful dynamic between the younger and older children, and the wider community.

Child care benefit

Child care benefit and child care tax rebate is available to eligible families enrolled in the day care program.

For more information visit the kindy website: