JOIN THE SCOTLAND ISLAND SINGERS: our own Community acapella choir.

We are a small group of people who enjoy singing together – you might have seen us at the comedy night singing our Carpark Song. Our leader is Jessica McGowan who has years of musical experience, loves singing, and brings enthusiasm and fun to the group.

What do we sing? One silly song about a carpark! Plus some easy songs like rounds, call and response, and more challenging 3-part harmonies. Our material crosses several genres from world music, gospel, folk, classical… the main criteria is that the songs are enjoyable to sing. Acapella mostly (i.e. unaccompanied). It’s about the joy that comes from blending our voices…. And it’s about having fun.

A choir needs some ‘great’ singers, yes. But it also needs some people who aren’t going to feature or do big impressive solos – it needs some singers to stay in the background and just add bulk to the sound. You don’t have to have a big powerful voice, as long as you’re (mostly) in tune!

We meet Sunday afternoons from 2.15pm-4.30 pm at a private house. 

We always have a break for tea and cake.

Cost- only $10 a week.

Scotland Island Singers

Photo of Scotland Island Singers
Community Choir Contact: Jessica McGowan Home Private house Scotland Island Mobile: 0422 474 279

Acapella, 2 and 3 part harmonies, All welcome.

Meetings Sundays 2.15-4.30. Location: private house. Ring Jessica for details.

Only $10 a week.